The 2014 Conference will be held in Macon, GA

February 6-8, 2014 at the Macon Marriott City Center

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Conference strands for this year's program include:

STEM:  STEM programs are appearing in K-12 schools across Georgia, bringing together interdisciplinary connections in authentic learning experiences.  What does it look like in YOUR school or classroom?  Sessions identified for this strand will include ideas that share successful strategies for STEM education at the K-16 level.
ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION:  Indoors or out, learning about the environment is critical for all students, who must become mindful stewards of our planet and its resources.  What are some of the successful strategies and resources you've used with students to help them better understand environmental and ecological issues?  Sessions included in this strand will share exemplary ideas for environmental education.
NGSS-GPS CONNECTIONS:  The NGSS standards were released in April 2013 and will provide the foundation for the next revision of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in science.  These new standard were developed based on research and merge content with science & engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts.  How can we begin to move toward the vision of the NGSS standards in our classrooms to fully engage learners?  Sessions included in this strand will focus on bringing together the practices and cross-cutting concepts identified in the NGSS with the disciplinary core ideas already included in the GPS standards.

NOTE:  While sessions included in these strands will be highlighted for this year's conference, workshops, presentations and activity-rich sessions across all areas of science-education are included in the program.
Program will be available January 1

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