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Denise Webb

Study Jams (one of my favorite!)  Topics: Plants, animals, body, ecosystems, rocks and minerals, landforms, weather climate, solar system, matter, force and motion, sound, light


Tons of interactive science activities from PBS Kids.

Sid the Science Kid

Science Games

1st Grade


Turtle Diary (lots of life science games) 

Scholastic Science

Star Child (Great for young astronomers)

Window to the Universe- Information about the earth, solar system and the universe

Kids Astronomy



Changing Sounds      Sound and Hearing

Force and Motion       Push and Pull


2nd Grade

Georgia Regions      Georgia Regions slide share    Georgia Rivers

Life cycles  Butterfly life cycle

Lots of topics


States of Matter    Gas    

Force and Motion

Simple Machines      Simple Machines


3rd Grade

Rocks and Minerals    Minerals    Rocks and Soil  Fossils, Minerals and Rocks

Georgia Habitats    Georgia Regions    Minerals, Gems and Stones (Thank you to Courtney Phillips and her kids for this great link!)

Rocks For Kids (lots of resource links)     Interactive Sites on Rocks and Minerals 

Rocks Minerals and Landforms  (many interactive sites)

 4th Grade

Law of Motion     Force and Motion Game   Force and Motion  (Tons of teacher and student resources)

Force and Motion Web Quest

Simple Machines (lots of picture examples)  



5th Grade

Hurricane, Tornado, Volcano   Earthquakes    



Cardinal Direction





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