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GSTA 3D Science Saturday: 
Focus on the GSE

Who - GSTA District Directors, who have also been trained as GaDOE Science Ambassadors, will host K-12 science teachers, including preservice teachers to explore three-dimensional (3D) science teaching and the new Science Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

What – The new Science GSE call for students to engage in 3D science learning in which they use science and engineering practices (e.g., engaging in argument from evidence),crosscutting concepts (i.e., like patterns or structure & function), and core ideas (i.e., science content) to explain real-world phenomena and solve authentic engineering problems.  
Join us for a half-day workshop in which participants will explore the Science GSE and experience 3D learning.  You will leave the workshop with a sample lessons from multiple grade levels and science disciplines, access to a collection of phenomena that connect student explorations to the new standards, and a better understanding of how to apply the 3D approach in planning your science lessons. GSTA is partnering with GaDOE to support the implementation of the Science GSE, and the 3D Science Saturday sessions are part of that effort.

When/Where – Sessions will be hosted around the  state throughout the 2016-2017 school year.  Check the Upcoming Events calendar below for the latest information on dates and locations.

Have questions?  – Contact your GSTA District Director.

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