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GSTA February Virtual Conference 2021 

GSTA is excited about the Virtual Conference to be held February 1-6. Be sure to register today! Use the conference link to find out more about the conference plans. 

GSTA Saturday Mini-Conference

Strategies and resources to engage students in literacy through the science practices including data analysis, constructing arguments and explanations, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

GSTA Awards and Grants

GSTA offers a variety of grants and awards including Elementary, Middle, and High Science Teacher of the Year, Teacher of Promise, Administrator of the Year, and conference and mini-grants. Applications are due on January 30, 2021. You can find out more on the Awards Page.

Thinking about joining the GSTA Board! Nominations are open!

GSTA needs outstanding science educators to serve on the GSTA Board!  Are you ready to step up and be the leader your organization needs?  This has been a year like no other, but just as always--science educators are ready for the challenge!

Who serves on the GSTA Board you ask?  Science educators who want to be involved and shape the future of science education in our state.  People like YOU!  We want Board Members from around the state with varied backgrounds and experiences to lead us in the future.  Nominations close on December 4th. 

Nominate here:

The Board of the Georgia Science Teachers Association serves as a voice for K-16 science educators in Georgia.  Would you, or someone you know be a good spokesperson for the needs of science instruction for students in Georgia?  If so, please consider running for office, or nominating someone you think might serve the interests of teachers and students well.

Board members  meet regularly, both in person and electronically throughout the year, and coordinate the activities of GSTA.  Several positions will need to be filled this coming year.  Below are the positions and an introduction to the duties associated.  A full description can be found in the GSTA Constitution.

President Elect  This position is a three-year commitment to serve as leader of the organization.  Candidates should have prior experience serving on the Board to bring a good understanding of GSTA's current work into their vision for the organization's future.  Duties during the President-Elect year are to serve as program chair of the 2022 conference including setting the theme and organizing the proposals. During the 2022-23 year of service this person will serve as President of the organization, chairing Board meetings, managing the business of the organization, and representing the organization to the public.  During the 2023-24 year of service as Executive Director this person will chair the logistical portion of the 2024 conference.

Vice President This position is a two-year commitment to serve in leadership of the organization. The Vice President chairs the membership committee and serves on the Executive Board.  The Vice President shall serve on the program committee of the annual Science and Leadership Conference and shall serve as Parliamentarian during official meetings of the Georgia Science Teachers Association.

Middle School and College Level Representatives Each of these positions is a two-year commitment to serve in the leadership of the organization.  Duties include attending Board meetings and serving as a voice for middle school or college level teachers and students in the state.  The level representative will solicit or write articles for the newsletter, support the program chair in soliciting presentations for the conference, and coordinate a level Share-A-Thon at the 2022 and 2023 conferences, as well as other duties related to their level.

District Representatives  Each of these positions is a two-year commitment to serve in leadership of the organization.  This person will speak at Board meetings representing the concerns of science teachers in their part of Georgia.  The representative will support membership in their district through disseminating information and supporting quality professional development in their area.  Odd-numbered districts (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11) are open for candidates during this election. Check carefully to see if you are part of an odd numbered district should you be willing to serve as district representative.

GSTA Mini-Conferences

GSTA will be hosting mini-conferences on Saturdays between September and March from 9-2. Click on the links below to register. The conferences are free for members and $15 for each mini-conference for non-members. Find out more about membership here. If you are interested in presenting, contact Donna BarrettBe sure to check out the conference page for more details.

September 12 - Teaching Science in a Covid World 

Strategies and resources to engage students in labs online or in a socially distanced classroom - this could include tech tools, virtual labs, safety, incorporating the science and engineering practices, etc. Link to Conference Page

October 17 - Connecting through Equity

Strategies for engaging ALL students in science - sessions will include topics such as implicit bias, equitable learning communities, engaging students in placed based, problem based learning, and phenomena. Link to Conference Page

Strategies and resources to engage students in literacy through the science practices including data analysis, constructing arguments and explanations, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

March 6 (new date) - Connecting through Assessments

Formatives, Summatives, Problem Based Learning and more - a focus on 3-D assessments both online and face to face.

Phenomena Bank - Get a free GSTA t-shirt!

Want a free GSTA t-shirt? The first 25 people to submit an approved phenomena to the GSTA phenomena bank will receive a t-shirt. Here are the steps:

1. Submit the phenomena (you will include the GSE element, link to phenomena (image, data set, graph, video, etc.), more details about the phenomena, and a lesson resource. See the phenomena bank for more details and examples. Be sure the phenomena is aligned to the 3-D nature of the GSE. 

2. Once completed, submit this form that includes your t-shirt size, color preference, and mailing address.

GSTA Collection of Online Teaching Resources

GSTA is continuing to organize online teaching resources for science teachers. If you have lessons you would like to share, please email: president@georgiascienceteacher.orgPlease consider following @GSTANews on social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we actively post relevant content and strategies for science teachers. We have also curated a list of GSTA recommends websites.  Donald White of Coweta Schools posted several online lessons in the district science updates newsletter: K-5 lessons at: and 6-12 lessons.

Summer Online PD Series Resources Available to All

GSTA Board members presented a PD series on online teaching strategies and resources! The topics included Engaging Students in Phenomena Online, Engaging Students in 3-D Learning, and Tech Tools. Each session was offered to K-5 and 6-12. You can link to the presentations and recordings here: resources  - you do not have to be a member to access these resources.

Resources from the Back-to-School Mini-Conference on Saturday, August 8!

Thank you for all who were able to attend the Mini-Conference. We met virtually to learn new tools and strategies to engage your students in three-dimensional science in or out of the classroom.  There were two strands of fast paced and engaging sessions designed to offer ideas and resources for elementary, secondary, and K-12. The session resources are available to members at the  Mini-Conference Site. We will continue to add recordings. Please log at the link above to view the conference resources. 

GSTA is committed to supporting excellence in science teaching for the students of Georgia. GSTA works to CONNECT, INFORM, SUPPORT, and ADVOCATE for science teachers in Georgia. We also seek to PARTNER with like-minded formal and informal science education organizations to further GSTA’s mission and goals.


CONNECT Georgia science teachers to vibrant local and statewide professional networks that enhance their classroom practice and the value of their membership. 

Professional Learning

INFORM GSTA members through a variety of professional learning opportunities that enhance access to current, research-based practices for teachers at all levels, for all disciplines, and in all settings across Georgia. 


SUPPORT GSTA members through professional resources that help teachers improve their practice, the academic lives of their students, and their school communities.


ADVOCATE for excellent science education in Georgia on behalf of teachers and students and encourage our members to raise their own voices in support of excellent science education for all students in our state. 


PARTNER with informal science education stakeholders to facilitate science literacy opportunities for learners of all ages in real-world communities.

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