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ESO Regional Competition Information

           ESO Events for 2019-2020            

Event descriptions can be found in the Elementary Science Olympiad Manual (6th Edition) available online at Science Olympiad National Store.

Some of the ESO Events can be interpreted a bit broadly.  In attempt to provide a little more clarity, the event at the State ESO will be run using the following guidelines/limitations.  Please make sure you download and read the Event Clarifications document.  The clarifications listed on this document over-rule anything written in the ESO manual.  

State ESO Event Order

Teams must compete and qualify at a regional ESO competition to advance to state.  At the Georgia ESO the events will be grouped as pictured.  

Teams will be assigned to a group (Group A, B, C or D).  This means that a school assigned to Group B, would compete as follows:

  • Session 1 - 9:30-10:15
    • Deep Blue Sea, Disease Detectives, Egg Drop & Grab A Gram
  • Session 2 - 10:30-11:15
    • Backyard Biologist, Barge Building, Bridge Building, Crime Busters, & Data Crunchers
  • Session 3 - 11:45-12:30
    • Starry Starry Night, Water Rockets, Weather or Not, Which Way North & 24 Game
  • Session 4 - 12:45-1:30
    • Mystery Architecture, No Bones, Paper Rockets & Rock Hound

GA ESO Specific Events 

We have created 5 Georgia specific Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) events.  The event descriptions for these unique events are listed to the right.  These are NOT listed in the Elementary Science Olympiad. 

What is the GA Elementary Science Olympiad? 

Elementary Science Olympiad provides students engaging learning opportunities in STEM in a variety of ways.  ESO may be used for classroom instruction, Science Days/Nights, Inter-grade level competition (such as a Science Field Day) and as a Competition.  Each state/event organizer determines whether to offer ESO competitions.  Georgia hosts one of the largest ESO competitions with 65 teams each May at Kennesaw State University. 

State Competition Qualification for  GA ESO:  Affiliated ESO competitions will again be given an allotment of team slots for the state ESO competition.  Only 1 team per school/organization may advance to the state competition even if a school/organization competes with multiple teams an affiliated qualifying ESO competition.  This models the structure for middle and high school GASO.  

What defines a TEAM for ESO competition?  
The ESO state competition advisory board has defined a TEAM for ESO competition as:

Teams my be composed of up to 20 3rd-6th grade students.  Each team may have up to eight 5th grade students or up to six 6th grade students, with no more than 8 total 5th and 6th grade students.  

Event Rule Books:  These may be purchased from the Science Olympiad Store for a cost of $20 plus shipping.

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