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Linking Science to Our World!

Join GSTA at the Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center

February 22 - 23, 2024

Science informs exploration and the world would not exist without the understandings enabled by science. It is almost impossible to overstate how many aspects of our lives are impacted by scientific knowledge. As a result, it is imperative to learn how scientific knowledge is acquired and linked to scientific explanations. Linking scientific knowledge and explanations interrelate information from across disciplines into a coherent view of the world.

The conference is going to be a time for science educators from across the state to come together to share ideas, strategies, and professional resources to support one another thereby improving student learning. 

We are Linking Science to Our World by putting together a conference program featuring sessions focused on the following strands: 

  • Students’ Science Journey Linked to 3D Learning
  • Linking Science and Informal Settings

  • Understanding the Link Between Science and Advocacy and Cultural and Social Issues in Science

  • Linking Research and Best Practices
  • The Link Between Science and Literacy

We are finalizing the schedule for the conference, including field trips, speakers, and the annual awards program, so please check back over the coming weeks for additional conference details.

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