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College Level Representative: Dr. Amanda Glaze

Thank you for the opportunity to serve GSTA as your College Representative! Science is truly my passion and my goal in both research and practice is to be a strong advocate for "Science for All!" It is my goal that all science teachers see themselves not just as teachers but as #ActualLivingScientistTeachers who are as much practitioners of science as they are facilitators of scientific thinking and exploration. The ability to think critically, to be a scientific explorer in life, provides opportunities to all students as well as the power and tools of education that can never be taken from them, no matter where their paths may lead. 

I am an Assistant Professor of Middle Grades & Secondary Science Education at Georgia Southern University where I am beginning my second year as faculty. During my time in the classroom as a secondary, and later middle grades science teacher, I served as a reviewer and implementation team member for state and national level standards in science as well as team leadership and level leadership in schools. For the past seven years I have been involved in science teacher education as well, focusing on culturally responsive teaching, learning contexts in the southeastern United States, and empowering teachers to engage in hands-on, minds-on teaching practices. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for resources, support, or other questions!


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