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Strategic Goals 2022

Building Georgia's Next Generation of Science Education

Written by the 2020-2021 GSTA Board of Directors


The Georgia Science Teachers Association (GSTA) is committed to supporting excellence in science teaching for the students of Georgia. GSTA works to CONNECTINFORMSUPPORT, and ADVOCATE for science teachers in Georgia. We also seek to PARTNER with like-minded formal and informal science education organizations to further GSTA’s mission and goals. 

GSTA’s guiding documents shape the organization’s work toward achieving this mission. The current strategic goals were developed by the 2020-2021 GSTA Board of Directors (see below), based on input from the membership. These goals will frame the work of the organization over the next five years. We are pleased now to share these goals with our membership, and we invite you to continue to engage with the organization as we work to bring these goals to fruition.

The following strategic goals are based on the GSTA board’s recognition that excellent science teaching results from research-based best practices translated through the experience of expert teachers and connected to students’ diverse identities and interests. The research base from which to draw those best practices for the science classroom is presented in A Framework for K-12 Science Education and associated research. The Framework sets out a vision for three-dimensional science learning in which students engage simultaneously in science and engineering practices (e.g., developing and using models) while learning and applying core ideas (i.e., content standards) and crosscutting concepts (i.e., big ideas like matter and energy) as they explain real-world phenomena and solve authentic problems. This three-dimensional approach should be reflected in all aspects of curriculum, instruction, and assessment in Georgia’s science classrooms.

In order to continue to fulfill this vision for science education, Georgia’s teachers need resources, support, and professional learning. GSTA will play a key role in implementing and sustaining this vision over the coming years. This vision comes along at the same time as an intense focus on STEM careers and STEM education. GSTA will lead the effort to promote a vision of STEM education that recognizes and builds upon the central role of science in STEM learning and careers.

You can view the strategic goals on our website or download a pdf file.

2020-2021 GSTA Board of Directors

 Executive Director

 Dr. Judy Ward


 Dr. Donna Barrett-Williams

 President Elect

 Justin Harvey

 Vice President

 Patricia DuBose


 Melissa Niemi

 Executive Secretary/Treasurer

 Nancy Brim

 Supervisors Representative

 Dr. Jeremy Peacock

 College Representative

 Dr. Kania Greer

 High School Representative

 Rachel Pope

 Middle School Representative

 Donita Legoas

 Elementary Representative

 Nicole Ford

 District I Director

 Robert Bice

 District II Director

 Alec Johnson

 District III Director

 Alana Davis

 District IV Director

 Natasha Smith

 District V Director

 Dr. Sheila Barnes

 District VI Director

 Ashley Cody

 District VII Director

 Heather Cowart

 District VIII Director

 Michelle Thompson

 District IX Director

 Kristina Istre

 District X Director

 Teresa Massey

 District XI Director

 Michelle Sizemore

 District XII Director

 Kathryn Mullen

 Foundation Chair

 Dr. Sally Creel

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