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    • 06 Aug 2018
    • 31 Oct 2018
    • 11:59 PM
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    I   Science: Igniting the Passion

    At times, a teacher’s passion can be overwhelmed by frustration, fatigue, and cynicism.  Teachers are lifelong learners that inspire a passion for learning in their students and who inspire children to do great things.  It is important for teachers to not only know what they are doing in their classrooms but also to know why they do it to fuel their passion.  Our passion is what fuels our journey and makes it worthwhile and enjoyable.  This year’s conference is designed to recapture the passion that motivated us to become teachers and to inspire, rekindle, and build the capacity of teachers and educators as we stop and reflect while listening to the stories, insights, and reflections of our fellow educators, experts, and ourselves.  Conference sessions this year will focus on sharing best practices, resources, and ideas based on the following strands:

    •  Strand 1: Passionate About Literacy to Fuel Deeper Scientific Understanding: A passion for reading and writing builds a strong foundation and love of scientific thinking and discovery.  This strand encompasses best practices in the integration of literacy within the context of the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science designed to improve the student’s understanding and skills.  Sessions will focus on how literacy strategies can be used to increase the depth and breadth of the student’s scientific understanding and critical thinking skills.  

    • Strand 2:  Passionate About Real-World Relevance of Science Through STEM/STEAM: Integration of STEM/STEAM in the science classroom connects scientific concepts and skills to the student’s world and brings relevance across the curriculum.  Sessions will focus on how STEM/STEAM can be integrated into lessons and activities that promote real-world problem-based learning that provide the student with a context for learning and achieving the goals of the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science.  Best practices on how mathematics, technology, and engineering can be integrated into science lessons will be highlighted as a context for deeper scientific understanding.

    • Strand 3:  Passionate About Three-Dimensional Science Practices:  Students achieve a stronger understanding of science when disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and cross-cutting concepts are woven together within student learning opportunities that explore real-world phenomena and allow students to solve authentic problems.  Sessions will focus on engaging teachers in exploring how to use a three-dimensional approach to teaching the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science that results in authentic student products.

      Submission Details:

      The 2019 annual conference will be held February 14-16, in Columbus.  Session proposals will be accepted through October 31, 2018.  Members or nonmembers may submit a maximum of 3 session proposals.  All presenters must register and pay for the conference, which includes one year of GSTA membership, upon acceptance of the session proposal.  If you are a current GSTA member, then please log into your account before submitting your proposal.

      • 17 Sep 2018
      • 22 Dec 2018
      • 11:59 PM
      • Submit online - NOW OPEN
      Thank you for your interest in the Georgia Science Teachers Awards.  We believe that it is important that excellence in science teaching is recognized and rewarded.  You are encouraged to apply for these awards and/or nominate outstanding science teachers for these awards.

      The deadline for the 2018-2019 awards and recognition program sponsored by the Georgia Science Teachers Association and the Georgia Science Teachers Education Foundation is November 30, 2018.  Applications should be submitted via e-mail to   Applications and supporting documents should be submitted as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment and should be submitted electronically by the November 30th due date.
      • 03 Nov 2018
      • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      • Villa Rica High School

      GSTA 3D Science Saturday

      Who - All K-12 science teachers, including preservice teachers, are invited to join your GSTA District Directors to explore three-dimensional science teaching and learning. Bring a partner from your school!

      What – Join us for a half-day workshop introducing teachers to the three-dimensional approach to science learning based on A Framework for K-12 Science Education. Engage in  model lessons, explore the dimensions of the Framework, and identify phenomena for your students to explore. Three-dimensional learning is the research-based approach in which students simultaneously engage in science and engineering practices (e.g., engaging in argument from evidence) while learning and applying the GSE and crosscutting concepts (i.e., big ideas like patterns or structure & function). The 3D approach is being promoted by our GaDOE Science Program Manager, aligns to the goals of the Milestones science assessments, and will provide the foundation for Georgia's revised science standards. You will leave the workshop with model lessons, access to a collection of phenomena that connect student explorations to the current content standards, and a better understanding of how to apply the 3D approach in planning your science lessons.  Visit to register for the workshop.

      When – November 3, 2018 9 am-1 pm, breakfast provided

      Cost: $10 members $20 for nonmembers (covers the cost of food and materials)

      Where – Villa Rica High School, 600 Rocky Branch Road, Villa Rica, GA.  This session is being hosted by  Stephanie Miles, District 5 Director


      • 03 Nov 2018
      • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
      • Georgia Southern University College of Education
      • 57

      GSTA District 8

      3D Science Saturday:

      Find Your Phenomena

      Who - Science teachers and teacher leaders interested in learning more about GSE Science, the 3D approach to science teaching, and the role of phenomena in the classroom.

      What – The new Science GSE call for students to engage in 3D science learning in which they use science and engineering practices (e.g., engaging in argument from evidence), crosscutting concepts (i.e., like patterns or structure & function), and core ideas (i.e., science content) to explain real-world phenomena and solve authentic engineering problems.  
      Join us for a half-day workshop in which participants will explore the Science GSE and experience 3D learning.  You will leave the workshop with a sample lessons from multiple grade levels and science disciplines, access to a collection of phenomena that connect student explorations to the new standards, and a better understanding of how to apply the 3D approach in planning your science lessons. GSTA is partnering with GaDOE to support the implementation of the Science GSE, and the 3D Science Saturday sessions are part of that effort.

      When – 9 am-2 pm, lunch provided

      Where –Georgia Southern University College of Education. 275 C.O.E. Drive. Statesboro, GA 30460   This session is being co-hosted by Dr. Katie Brkich,  GSTA District 8 Director.
      • 14 Feb 2019
      • 16 Feb 2019
      • Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center

      2019 GSTA Annual Conference

      February 14 - February 16
      Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center
      801 Front Avenue
      Columbus, Georgia

      Registration Rates: 

      Full Conference Registration:  $160 per attendee

      One Day Conference Registration: $85 per attendee

      Pre-Service Teachers: $25 per attendee *a school issued email address must be used and college id presented at registration

      Early Bird Bonus: 

      Free GSTA Conference T-Shirt

      Registered and Paid by Dec 19, 2018

      Payment Options: 

      Online via credit card:  Master Card, VISA and Discover

      Or by Check (Payable to GSTA)

      Mail to:


      860 Johnson Ferry Rd. NE Suite 140-334

      Atlanta, GA 30342

      Please note:  Your registration is not complete until payment is received!

      Registration includes membership dues for the next year.  Five dollars of your registration fee will be donated to the GSTA Foundation to support teacher mini grants and awards.  

      If you do not want part of your registration/dues to support the GSTA Foundation, email Zoe Evans, GSTA Registration Chair,, to opt out of the GSTA Foundation donation.

      • 14 Feb 2019
      • 16 Feb 2019
      • Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center
      • 61

      The Georgia Science Teachers Association will begin accepting exhibitor registrations for the 2019 GSTA Conference in the fall of 2018.  The conference will be held at the Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center, on February 14 – 16, 2019. 

      Our last annual conference had nearly 1300 K-16 educators attend and we anticipate even a higher total of attendees this year!

      Registration is online and you will need to register separately for each space (want a double booth - register 2 times!).  Be sure to register early!

      Please contact Sharon Boyer at or 770-403-9836 with any questions.

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