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GSTA's 2025

Annual Conference

Call for Presenters

January 30-31,  2025 

The Georgia Science Teacher Association invites you to share your expertise and innovative ideas at our upcoming conference. Whether you're a seasoned presenter or a first-time proposer, we welcome proposals that inspire, educate, and push the boundaries of science teaching.

Join us in fostering a community of learning and discovery. Showcase your strategies, research findings, and classroom successes. Connect with fellow educators, administrators, and professionals dedicated to advancing science education across Georgia.

The following five strands will be the emphasis of this exciting and historical conference that is an event that we encourage you to be a part of:

  • Students’ Science Journeys celebrating 21st century 3D LearningA sound science conceptual framework is coherent throughout students' learning journey. Sessions in this strand will focus on the Three-Dimensional Learning Framework that encompasses solid science practices such as using phenomena to drive student inquiry, discourse and argumentation while connecting and engaging students with science in the real world, empowering students, and improving their lives by building their critical reasoning skills. 
  • Science and Literacy: Literacy in science is not the same as scientific literacy, but they are interconnected. Scientific literacy is understanding scientific concepts, phenomena, and processes. Literacy in Science is the literate practices and strategies (reading, writing, speaking and listening) that enable students to understand, synthesize, and communicate science content knowledge. Sessions in this strand will focus on improving students’ science literacy by engaging literate practices to develop understanding of scientific concepts.

  • AI in Science: AI isn't going away but many are still left wondering how to successfully incorporate it into their science teaching and learning.  Because not every district can pay for advanced versions of AI Program, this strand welcomes presentations that give real world examples of using AI to plan. develop, and implement science in the classroom using widely available AI platforms.  In addition, the strand will welcome proposals on how students are using AI to answer science questions.

  • Bringing the TEAM to STEAM: STEM and STEAM aren't just about science. However, many are still doing STEAM in isolation or only giving brief nods to the TEAM.  Sessions in this stand will focus on providing teachers with real practical applications for including the TEAM in their Science Classroom.  Alternatively, are you a math, CTAE, technology, engineering, or Arts teacher who has successfully integrated science into your lessons?  We welcome you as well!
  • Advocating for Science in Georgia: Both formal and informal educators advocate for excellence in science education for all students. This strand provides teachers training and opportunities to advocate for science, literacy, and STEAM initiatives. We also welcome proposals that promote resources for data and evidence, engage teachers and their students in citizen science, and forwards science education in Georgia.

    Proposal Criteria:

    • engage participants in the interdisciplinary teaching of science,
    • support implementation of specific Georgia Standards of Excellence or tenets of the NRC Framework, and/or
    • support at least one conference strand

    Members or nonmembers may submit a maximum of 3 session proposals.  All presenters must register and pay for the conference. If you are a current GSTA member, then please log into your account before submitting your proposal.

    Proposals accepted through November 30, 2024

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