GSTA is governed by a board of elected members.

The 2013-14 GSTA Executive Board is listed below: 

Director Sally Creel
President  Zoe Evans
President-elect Dr. Donna Governor
Secretary Joey Nunn
Vice-President Dr. Jeremy Peacock
Executive Secretary/Treasurer Karol Stephens
Supervisors Representative Dawn Hudson
College Representative  Dr. Charlease Kelly-Jackson
High School Representative Jennifer Forsyth
Middle School Representative Nathan Watson
Elementary Representative Jennifer Gates
District I Director Erin Anderson
District II Director Nick Zomer
District III Director Tonya Pugh
District IV Director Steven King
District V Director Dr. Katie Thompson
District VI Director Dr. Kimberly Shaw
District VII Director Latrina Howell
District VIII Director Heather Scott
District IX Director  Donita Legoas
District X Director Patricia DuBose
District XI Director Michelle Bergozza
District XII Director Bronwyn Hogan


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